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Bob Hinden is the co-inventor of IPv6.
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Every time you attach something to an email, you use MIME.
Certifications in networking really started with the CCIE.
Page - On RIPE Labs
BABEL is a lightweight protocol designed to support ad-hoc networks.
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For these two episodes of the History of Networking, Dan Grossman joins Donald and I to discuss the history of Asyncrhonous Transfer Mode (ATM). While this is ...
Attempts to create a suite of protocols that made nation-state surveillance existed right from the very beginning of the Internet.
Bill Yeager developed the routing code for the PDP11 which ultimately formed the basis for Cisco IOS.
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QUIC is a new transport protocol designed with many of the same features as TCP, but running over UDP.
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The story of DECnet labs is, in part, the story of how the inventions of some of the brightest minds in the early days of networking ultimately made their way ...
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WHOIS is a crucial protocol for the day-to-day operation of the Internet, providing information on who owns what address space, and how to contact them.
62 items matching your search terms