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Page - On RIPE Labs
The story of DECnet labs is, in part, the story of how the inventions of some of the brightest minds in the early days of networking ultimately made their way ...
Page - On RIPE Labs
WHOIS is a crucial protocol for the day-to-day operation of the Internet, providing information on who owns what address space, and how to contact them.
Page - On RIPE Labs
DNS is a critical system in all networks, as it converts names to topological addresses where services can be found.
This recording explores many of the concepts that lie behind intent based networking.
Page - On RIPE Labs
Dave Crocker developed one of the first email systems, developed the software, and helped popularize and standardize the protocols underlying modern email.
Page - On RIPE Labs
The Enhanced Interior Gateway Protocol (EIGRP) was, at one time, a dominant routing protocol in large-scale networks.
Page - On RIPE Labs
Mobility problems in networks did not arise with the data center fabric and virtualized load. ILNP was designed to support mobility in IP networks on a campus ...
Page - On RIPE Labs
Supporting service meshes and multicast has always been a challenge on IP networks; BIER provides an answer to these problems.
Nick McKeown developed the open source P4 language for describing how a switching engine processes packets, allowing engineers to specify and implement ...
Segment routing, according to many routing geeks, is what MPLS should have been in the first place. In this recording, Jeff Tantsura discusses the original use ...
61 items matching your search terms