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RIPE Atlas Hackathon Presentations

Vesna Manojlovic — Apr 2009
RIPE Atlas Hackathon Presentations
  Title Name Presentation Code
1 Traceroute Consistency Check Valentino Di Donato download GitHub
2 Spotting Anomalies Using R Luuk Hendriks, Barbera van Schaik, Larisa Blazic download  
3 Spatial Bucketing Julian Hammer   GitHub
4 Any Atlas Tom Levine, Caleb James DeLisle, Martin Levy, Shane Kerr and Evan Thompson download GitHub-1 GitHub-2
5 RIPE Map Michael Kreil, Katja Dittrich   GitHub
6 Appetite for Disconnect

Merlijn Tishauser, Nana Klok-Manojlovic, Anna-Kaisa Pietilainen and Igor Rinkovec

download GitHub
7 BGP+Traceroute Jelle Herold download GitHub
8 Zeerover Matt Calder, Ruwaifa Anwar   GitHub
9 BGP Atlas Monitor BAM!

Guillaume Valadon, Francois Contat, Mathias Handsche,  Thomas Holterbach

10 Probe Streams Vinayak Hegde   GitHub
11 RIPEstat Christian Teuschel (RIPE NCC) download  
12 Food for Thought Emile Aben (RIPE NCC) download  
13 Visualisations Massimo Candela (RIPE NCC) download  
14 Hackathon Introduction Vesna Manojlovic (RIPE NCC) download  
  RIPE Atlas Community Contributions repository     GitHub



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