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Response to Alexander Isavnin

Daniel Karrenberg — 04 Nov 2011
This is a better formatted version of the response to Alexander Isvanin's comment on "A RIPE Atlas Probe for Every RIPE NCC Member"

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there is no 'plan' to spend any money yet.  I hope that such a
plan will be made once this discussion shows sufficient support.
So much for the formal answer.

Then here is what believe you want to know: For the purpose of starting
the discussion I made a back-of-the-envelope calculation of the
additional resources needed.  I am happy to share this.  But please
consider that it is a very rough calculation that aims to be
conservative.  Also I repeat that these are not directly translatable
into budget figures for a number of reasons like the possibility to
write off the costs for assets over several years. 

Per probe: 

                                        FTEs    Expenditure     per Probe
Probe Hardware                                   400000         20
Probe Distribution                               200000         10
First Line Support                      2        100000         5
Controller & Database Infrastructure             150000         7.5
Operators                               2        150000         7.5
                                                -------         ---
                                                1000000          50

Infrastructure Development              2        150000 
Map Products etc.                       2        150000 
Liaison & Dev.  w Academics & others	1         90000 
Product Support                         2        150000 
Management                              1        120000 
                                       --       ------- 
                                       12        660000 
                                       ==       =======

The 800k/y figure for maintenance assumes that most of the people
remain necessary after the 20k deployment.  That is very rough of course.
The error margin here is high, say 20%. My point is that it will cost 
a non-trivial amount of money, but it does not make sense to
invest energy in calculating it in detail before we know that
there is enough support to make a detailed plan.

Once we have reached that stage, the staff will draft a more detailed
budget and ask for approval by the executive board. This could be as 
part of the annual activity plan and budget cycle or in between if the
urgency is agreed.  How the board involves the membership it up to them.
But the decision is with the board.

Let me know if I have not answered the whole question.