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Hans Petter Holen

23 Aug, 2014 11:29 PM
Draft RIPE Chair Election Procedure by Hans Petter Holen — last modified 17 Oct, 2016 08:54 AM

When Rob Blokzijl stepped down, he handed over the role as Chair of RIPE to me in the closing plenary of RIPE 68 in Warsaw, 16 May 2014. Rob had been the RIPE Chair for 25 years since 1989 and there has not been any procedure for selecting the Chair. Rob tasked me to put in place a procedure to elect my successor.

RIPE Community Report 2018 by Hans Petter Holen — last modified 30 Apr, 2019 03:05 PM

When I look back at 2018, I’m struck by how much activity was going in the RIPE community. In light of the upcoming 30th anniversary of RIPE (which we will celebrate in May during RIPE 78), I thought it was a good idea to provide an overview of some of the discussions and achievements that came out of the past year. If you find this report useful, I will continue to publish one at the start of each year.

RIPE 78: The Big Picture by Hans Petter Holen — last modified 30 Aug, 2019 03:12 PM

The community met in Reykjavik for RIPE 78 over 20-24 May 2019. In keeping with the idea of better reporting, here are some of the key events and discussions from the meeting week. A lot goes on at a RIPE Meeting, so not everything is mentioned here. Topics are ordered roughly according to when they took place during the meeting, rather than by importance.