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Romeo Zwart

Location: Amsterdam (NL)

Romeo works for the RIPE NCC. He is manager of the Global Information Infrastructure team responsible for RIPE NCC DNS Services (e.g. K-root), Routing Information Services (RIS) and RIPE NCC's Hadoop storage platform, powering RIPEstat and RIPE Atlas.

Pages created by Romeo Zwart

Update on RIPE NCC Authoritative DNS Services
Romeo Zwart — 07 Apr 2016

Recently we have seen an increase in the frequency of excessive traffic towards the RIPE NCC DNS infrastructure. Our servers generally absorb peak loads without an impact on our DNS services. However, to be better prepared for extreme traffic floods, we will work with an external party to provide additional DNS service capacity for serving the zone. … Read more

Update on K-root Expansion
Update on K-root Expansion
Romeo Zwart — 12 Nov 2015

In April this year we announced that K-root would open up for expansion to new locations. Since then we have added 17 additional K-root hosted nodes. Now is a good point in the expansion of K-root for us to provide a short update.… Read more

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K-root Expansion Plan
K-root Expansion Plan
Romeo Zwart — 23 Apr 2015

We're getting ready to expand K-root coverage, and we'll soon be inviting interested members of the community to express their interest in hosting their own K-root node. Learn more about how we propose expanding the network, what the requirements are for hosting your own K-root node, and the projected timeline. … Read more

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