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Rene Wilhelm

RIPE NCC Staff — 10 Jul, 2010 04:25 PM
Focus on Portugal by Rene Wilhelm — last modified 04 Dec, 2019 02:14 PM

In this article, ahead of this week's PTNOG meeting, we take a look at what our data tells us about Portugal in terms of membership development, IPv6 adoption and routing.

25,000 LIRs - An End to the Milestone Highs? by Rene Wilhelm — last modified 03 Oct, 2019 02:10 PM

Little more than twelve months after we passed the 20,000 active LIRs mark, the number of LIR accounts reached a new milestone on 2 October 2019. As the number of available IPv4 addresses in our pool dropped to 3 million, applications for new LIRs exploded. In July alone, we saw a record number of 788 new accounts being activated. At this new milestone, we once more look back at the historical developments, report on the run-out of available IPv4 and share some some insights on what the future might bring for our membership numbers.

20,000 Local Internet Registries - A Peek into the Future by Rene Wilhelm — last modified 04 Oct, 2018 01:10 PM

On 25 September 2018, the RIPE NCC passed the milestone of 20,000 Local Internet Registries (LIRs). We look at what's happened since the previous milestone of 15,000 LIRs and share our thoughts about the future: how much time is left for the IPv4 pool, and what are the prospects for membership developments?

So Long Last /8 and Thanks For All the Allocations by Rene Wilhelm — last modified 24 Feb, 2020 10:03 AM

On 17 April 2018, we allocated the last available block of 1,024 addresses in 185/8 - the last /8 we received from IANA back in 2011. This article looks at how this address space was allocated and how it is used today. It's important to keep in mind that while 185/8 is finished, we still have around nine million recovered IPv4 addresses in our available pool. Under current policy and growth rates, we expect these to last a further two years.

RIPE NCC Members and Resources in 2017 by Rene Wilhelm — last modified 12 Feb, 2018 09:45 AM

In this article we're looking at membership developments over the previous year. How many new LIRs opened, and is this consistent with our earlier projections? How much longer will IPv4 last? And what about IPv6 uptake?

A Shrinking Pie? The IPv4 Transfer Market in 2017 by Rene Wilhelm — last modified 31 Jan, 2018 09:49 AM

A record number of IPv4 addresses were transferred between LIRs in the RIPE NCC service region in 2017. However, 16 of the largest transfers, amounting to 78% of the total transferred address space, were really about the administrative management of resources between related business units. In terms of buyers and sellers, this part of the IPv4 transfer market decreased in size last year.

Measuring your Web Server Reachability with TCP Ping by Rene Wilhelm — last modified 27 Sep, 2017 03:24 PM

HTTP measurements from RIPE Atlas probes are only possible towards RIPE Atlas anchors. However, when it comes to measuring the connectivity and latency of web servers on the network level, an alternative exists, which we call TCP Ping: a traceroute with special options that mimic the TCP handshake that takes place when an HTTP connection is established. In this article we compare the results of large scale HTTP and TCP Ping measurements.

Trends in RIPE NCC Service Region IPv4 Transfers by Rene Wilhelm — last modified 29 Jun, 2017 12:23 PM

With only a few months left until the fifth anniversary of RIPE NCC reaching the last unallocated /8 of IPv4 space, we look at developments in transfers in, to and from the RIPE NCC service region.

IPv6 RIPEness Through the Years by Rene Wilhelm — last modified 13 Apr, 2017 09:10 AM

In 2010, we introduced IPv6 RIPEness to recognise Local Internet Registries (LIRs) in the RIPE NCC service region that had begun deploying IPv6. Seven years later, we looked at how the IPv6 RIPEness level of the RIPE NCC membership evolved over time.