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Mirjam Kühne

RIPE Labs is a platform designed by the RIPE NCC for network operators, developers and industry experts to showcase, test and discuss innovative Internet-related tools, ideas and analyses that can benefit the RIPE community and RIPE NCC members.

It’s the place to showcase new and interesting things. Anyone can:

  • Present research
  • Showcase prototype tools
  • Share operational experience
  • Exchange ideas

Anyone can read and contribute to RIPE Labs. Registration is free and open to anyone.

RIPE Labs is about presenting new ideas and tools from the RIPE community for the RIPE community. 

RIPE NCC staff uses RIPE Labs to show new ideas and potential new services or new features of existing services to the community at an early stage. This allows the RIPE NCC members and the wider community a much faster feedback mechanism. Rather than having to wait until something has been developed into a full service, the RIPE NCC can ask the community during the development phase if this is going into the right direction.

In addition to that RIPE Labs is also open to community members to present their own ideas and prototypes, gather feedback from others and engage with each other.

How does this benefit you?

You can: 

  • Get involved in the development of tools and ideas right from the start
  • Influence what new tools will do (RIPE NCC tools or those contributed by others)
  • Follow developments quickly and first-hand
  • Contribute your own ideas or tools and
  • Enjoy rapid feedback from the RIPE community - your network of highly competent and like-minded colleagues
  • Interact faster and more closely with the RIPE NCC through open and easy feedback methods

You can contact us at labs@ripe.net or use the contact form at the top of the page.

Please note that the views expressed by non-RIPE NCC authors are usually their own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the RIPE NCC.


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About the author

Mirjam Kühne Based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

I wrote the articles collected here during my time as community builder of the RIPE NCC and the maintainer and editor of RIPE Labs. I have since taken on a new role serving as the Chair of the RIPE Community. You can reach my new profile via the website link below.

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