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Here are the RIPE Labs Rules in plain language and in some more details.

In Short

You Can ...

  • Read RIPE Labs content as much as you want
  • Suggest or contribute interesting things to RIPE Labs
  • Register on RIPE Labs if you want to contribute content

You Cannot ...

  • Rely on RIPE Labs or any of the services on it and then blame us if they do not work
  • Violate Netiquette, be rude or call other users names
  • Assume that anyone speaks for anyone but themselves on RIPE Labs
  • Assume that anyone speaks for an organisation on RIPE Labs
  • Use RIPE Labs for anything unlawful

We Will ...

  • Do our best to keep RIPE Labs and the services on it running
  • Move your contributions to a more appropriate place if necessary
  • Make sure that there is something new and interesting on RIPE Labs all the time

We Will Not ...

  • Make any guarantee that the services on RIPE Labs will be there tomorrow
  • Censor your contributions because we do not like them or for any other reason


And now in long

RIPE Labs is a RIPE community forum for discussing new and interesting things.

Here you can find and present research results, new tools, reports of operational experience and discussions. In particular, prototypes of new or improved RIPE NCC services will appear here first. RIPE Labs is open for contributions from anywhere as long as they are new and interesting and can deliver something that will benefit the RIPE community.

RIPE Labs is a platform for professional discussion about new ideas and services. We encourage active discussion, and we will publish access and usage statistics of the prototype services.

Open Access

RIPE Labs is a public place and is accessible to anyone. Some areas, however, may be restricted to registered users or RIPE NCC members.

Anyone can register to participate in RIPE Labs and its discussion forums. Registrations should be from identifiable natural persons with their real names, which will be visible to other participants, as will the professional affiliations they provide. Any contribution made will be considered a personal position unless stated otherwise. Contributions by RIPE NCC staff are not intended as formal statements from the RIPE NCC.

The RIPE NCC may restrict the participation of registered users who disregard professional online etiquette or who use RIPE Labs for unintended purposes. Particularly offensive or inappropriate contributions may either be moved to a special area or removed entirely.

No Service Guarantee

Of course, we will do our best to keep RIPE Labs interesting and available as much as possible. However, because of the nature of the material on RIPE Labs, the RIPE NCC can make no service guarantee. The site itself, and particularly the prototype services, is presented without any claim of serviceability or accuracy. Parts of the site and the tools may be unavailable or withdrawn at any time and for any reason, including lack of interest from the wider community, unavailability of resources, legal issues or abuse. If you would like a particular service to be supported by the RIPE NCC
on a more then best-effort basis, please let us know at labs@ripe.net .


Users of material published on RIPE Labs should attribute the material to both "RIPE Labs" and the particular author. Software and tools presented by third parties may be posted under a different license specified by the contributor. If a contribution is posted under a different license, that license should be specified.

Privacy Issues

Contributions to RIPE Labs will be archived and preserved unaltered. Requests for removal of content by the authors themselves should be sent to the RIPE Labs Editors. In such cases, we will try to at least archive the fact that a particular contribution was made.

The personal details used by a contributor can be updated at any time.

See also: RIPE NCC Privacy Statement


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Mirjam Kühne Based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

I wrote the articles collected here during my time as community builder of the RIPE NCC and the maintainer and editor of RIPE Labs. I have since taken on a new role serving as the Chair of the RIPE Community. You can reach my new profile via the website link below.

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