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RIPE Atlas User Experiences

Mirjam Kühne — 13 May 2014
This is a collection of use cases, reviews and other articles written by RIPE Atlas users

"Of course we used other tools…but the RIPE Atlas project provided a lot of useful information. Thankfully this issue is now resolved and we’ve been carefully monitoring it over the last week or so."

– Nathan at FreeAgent

"We found that over 95% of the RIPE Atlas probes can now reach destinations addressed with addresses from"

– Mirjam Kühne on RIPE Labs

"We don't see evidence of widespread AAAA filtering, at least not in the networks in which RIPE Atlas probes are deployed."

- Emile Aben on RIPE Labs

"Using the raw data collected from the probes, we modeled to see if IPv6 traffic is going to the right POP and were able to identify networks that were not taking the optimum routes."

– Hossein Lotfi at EdgeCast Networks, Inc.