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Tomasz Ludwiczak
"Only the holder of the resources (in this case the sponsoring LIR) will be able to initiate the transfer to another party, by selecting the resources in the LIR portal." This approach, incase of transfers of LIR resources is correct, but for End User resources, the transfer initiation should be on the receiving LIR side. What will the transfer be like in practice? EndUser will contact the actual LIR that he want to terminate aggrement with? End User will submit to actual LIR a new contract that it has entered into with the new LIR? The LIR who maintains resources will have access to the contract concluded by EndUser with the new LIR? Transfer initiation should be on the LIR side of the receiving resource. Very often it happens that EndUser does not have a good contact with the current LIR, so it decides to change. Can you write something more about how the transfer process will look in practice step by step? Maybe my doubts will be dispelled.