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So, what to say?<br /><br />Apart from personal sillyness and making (wrong) assumptions about logistics, a very smooth ride indeed!<br /><br />I took the cute little thing back home from Rome and had it hooked up to power and to the 'net, close to our network's backbone. Added it to DHCP by way of its MAC to always receive the same IPv4-address.<br /><br />It immediately made its first cry, already speaking IPv4 and IPv6 out of the box.<br /><br />We then made it known to DNS and revDNS...<br /><br />There still seem to be a few minor rough edges in the various user-interfaces (yes, it is a pilot!), which I will put forward to the probe-herders on the mailing list or even privately.<br /><br />I'd appreciate guidance by the project coordinators regarding the &quot;right&quot; place to collect (and maybe discuss) these things? Please advise.<br /><br />Finally, I'm looking forward to install my 2nd probe at home, hanging off a commercial &quot;broad&quot;(?)band DSL wire (and no NAT) ;-)