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Kristian Fotyik
Me contributing to the Atlas Probe programme because the Security (in general) and from the very first moment I was thinking mostly about what if this network can be hacked and changed to botnet. In the security (awereness) world, there is one thing most important over all: The Lesson(s) learnt! - taking knowledge about the case, learning from it, and in best case Document that all for future. Everything is vulnerable, somewhere, somehow, by someone... upon the time, systems are changing, evoluting, so the Probes system is, and users or “misusers” will making mistakes or “trying” it and we need to have this always in mind, and work with it - and Accepting this Risc, or Mitigating the unknown, with acting the Incident responses. Therefor I believe we need to have this going public after a while, like ‘Cold case’ investigators are uncovering dead cases after time. And nothing can be Deleted, just Archived nowadays, as the Documenting it all is the base of KnowledgeBase, we need to have “”Internet Archaeology”” in future to build the Internet 3.0 full of IoTs if not AIs... ;)