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Last month we got the opportunity to test the first Zyxel (2812) CPE device with a IPv6 stack onboard. According to the supplier this is the one and only device from Zyxel with IPv6 and it's still in a very early Beta phase. Something we definitely can confirm.<br />According to the table, Zyxel confirms a lot of present features, but my findings are completely different : <br /><br />- PPPoA : not available<br />- PPPoE : not available<br />- RFC1483/bridge : confirmed working<br />- RFC1483/routed : confirmed working<br />- PPP Link local only (unnumbered) : no PPP support<br />- Manual addressing on LAN : not available<br />- SLAAC on LAN : confirmed working<br />- DHCPv6 server : present, but no settings available (?!?!)<br />- Static routing : not available<br />- Firewall : not available (!)<br />- Tunnels : none available<br />- WebGUI : confirmed working<br />- Routing protocols : not available (no RIP also!)<br /><br />So reading all the vendor confirmed features in the table is quite misleading unfortunately. Good thing is that Zyxel is now really working on IPv6!