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Here's some IPv6 issues I've found with the AVM code for the 7390 -<br /><br />o IPv6 full rate throughput half IPv4's at 100Mbps in the upstream <br />direction over an EWAN / PPPoE service.<br /><br />o Curr Hop Count in RAs set to 255, not 64 or zero<br /><br />o MTU of 1460 announced in RAs, not PPPoE MTU, or left as LAN default so PMTU takes care of PPPoE &quot;dumbbell MTU&quot;. This will reduce intra-LAN throughtput.<br /><br />o IPv6 firewall doesn't permit any other inbound protocols other than<br />TCP / UDP. At a minimum, other transport layer protocols such as SCTP or DCCP should be possible to allow through the firewall by specifying their transport layer protocol number, predefined names for them would be better. An option to permit all transport layer protocols should also be provided if the user wants to have all their IPv6 firewalling performed by their host's IPv6 firewall.<br /><br />o ULAs don't include a 41 bit random number, it is set to all zeros.<br />