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Chris Buckridge
Hi Mat, Mihnea - to respond to your questions: At this point, the communication with the Dutch regulator has been of an informal nature. We plan to communicate more explicitly to the community when the official decision regarding Dutch essential services is made public. However, the key points in our communication have centred around the fact that a single root server operator, due to the distributed nature of the DNS, should not be considered an Operator of Essential Services under the NIS Directive. Regarding the RIPE NCC's position on some of these regulatory proposals, the RIPE NCC is not taking a position on whether such regulations are good or bad - our goal is to raise awareness with our community and membership of measures that could affect their operations. We believe (based on our discussions with our contacts and consulting agency in Brussels) that the current proposals would have an impact on development in these spaces, but as you note, this may well be in line with the broader preferences of the community. The key point for us is that our community (members of which are involved in the development of IoT and big data applications) be aware of this potential impact.