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Daniel Karrenberg
I really see two orthogonal questions here: 1) Do we want opt-out or opt-in for Wifi measurements on hardware that is capable to do them? 2) Do we want to retroactively make V3 probes capable for Wifi measurements? Given the trust that we need from probe hosts who let us connect to their networks the only answer to the first question can be "opt-in". Given that the proposed measurements require a specific SSID to be configured this ssems rather logical too: those interested in montoring a specific SSID, like eduroam, will place probes where eduroam coverage exists for this purpose and convince existing hosts within eduroam coverage to opt-in. Given that the only sensible answer to question 1 is 'opt-in', the answer to question 2 becomes easier. Currently hosts already trust us that we do no enable the Wifi in the V3 probes. I agree that some could re-evaluate their trust if we added the capability to switch it on for those that opt-in. Maybe it is worthwhile to consider using different firmware images in order to make it appear less likely that Wifi gets enabled by accident? In any case I personally answer the second question with "Yes, let us use this capability of the V3 hardware for those that opt-in." In any case we need to communicate very clearly, and even more explicitly than in this article, that under no circumstances shall we provide a capability to just 'snoop around' on Wifi. RIPE Atlas will only measure Wifi networks that are explicitly configured. Maybe it would help if the "opt-in" configuration would include an option for the host to limit the SSIDs that can be measured?