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Ramon Bayán
I agree with your answer Robert. I deploy first 802.1x for all staff working at the University on 2002 using EAP-TTLS solution using Oddisey client/Radius Steel-Belted Radius V4.0 /Enterasys APs and during the 2004 I decide to deploy a small networks of probes based on a modified firmware of WRT54G just to test and be sure that the wi-fi authenticated netwok was working fine as you mention, and to ping point the source of a problem, the client or the authenticated network, basically the radius and LDAP. So I find this a nice idea and I agree with the thoughts of Daniel and you about opt-in tagging of the probe. The test probe must be placed as someone mentioned in the correct place with a good Eduroam coverage. I also agree with this Features needed: wpa2-enterprise support BSSID priority, blacklist/whitelist: very helpful when multiple APs with the same SSID are in range