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Kalin Ivanov
Congratulations for choosing the new probe hardware. I would suggest RIPE Atlas taka closer look of TL-WR703N - this device is practically the same as MR3020 (same hardware parameters), but is even smaller with a little less power hungry and much cheaper (~20$ with free shipping). TL-WR703N is che Chinese version of TL-WR702N and comes with a Chinese tp-link stock firmware. However the device is already fully supported by OpenWrt and there are many hacks (sw and hw) already available for this device. I've completed several projects using the same model (TL-WR703N) and it works perfect. One of the firmware images that I've built contained all stuff needed for running L2VPN connection over a 3G mobile network based on openVPN + several custom bash scripts, all neatly included in the device flash memory (4MB), without the need for external usb memory. We're using such solution in our company for several services backup provisioning. The device could be tranfered in almost anything, especially when using external storage. I suppose that the new RIPE probe is taking the same principles. The company for which I work (Bulgarian SP and LIR) is now working on a project for a monitoring system of our Internet Exchange that will be based on many netwrok sensors built with the same pices of hardware. The idea behing RIPE Atlas is great, that's why I took my first probe when I first heard about this project on a RIPE conference in Sofia at January. Keep the good way.