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So as to keep low profile to have  Lu Heng’s IPs sold. He had created another shell named Wuhan Yunwaiheng Information Technology Co., Ltd registered in Wuhan, Hubei Province of China ( its Chinese name is:武汉云外恒信息技术有限公司).  And then have  his  IPs sold under this new shell without attracting too much attentions from the RIPE community.  He has earned more than 4millions USD for selling his IPs. By the way, cos of this business structure, he can avoid heaps of taxes which should be paid to Netherland Gov and Overseas Gov. Rijksuniversiteit Groningen  ( this is where Lu heng graduated)   2011-04-28  PA   SOLD AS35916 (US)     PA    SOLD AS16276 (ovh, France) ;AS35916  PA  SOLD AS8312(kpn Netherland);AS35916 2012-07-12   PA ( Split for sales) /17 left for future sale AS35916  2012-09-06  SOLD AS35916  PA  Still available for Sale AS16276 Lu Heng still has  /17 +/20 left available for Sale in RIPE and one aggregated  Afrinic ( Currently in Rental business).