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John Klensin
Let me suggest one other hypothesis based on experience. There appear to be two types of USB storage failures, ones that can be overcome by the unplug, remove USB stick, plug in, reinsert USB stick procedure and ones in which the USB stick itself get trashed so that it can no longer be formatted, etc. The former issue is just an annoyance, but the annoyance is cumulative: if the probe disconnects once, whomever is hosting it is likely to go to the trouble to get it back up. After several times, the motivation to bring it back up and do it quickly may diminish. The latter issue is more serious, at least for those of us who do not keep an inventory of USB sticks in the appropriate size on hand, because the process is to spend a fair amount of time determining that resetting / reloading the USB stick won't work, finding time to go to the store or order a USB stick and wait for it to arrive, and then set the probe up again. Once sure, twice maybe, but, after running through three or four USB sticks, I'd guess that the odds of a probe being reconnected go down rapidly. Suggestion: provide a way for people to record when they have applied the "corrupt file system" fix, when they have replaced a USB stick, and what size and brand they have replaced it with. Wrt the latter, the data in the article probably don't show what USB stick is in a connected probe, only what kind of stick you shipped it with.