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OK, seriously; why would you use one of the most bloated, low-performing high-level languages known to man to process PCAP-data when you have close to perfect C-libraries (like libtrace) available? What you gain by doing this your way, unless I'm missing something fundemental, is:<br />1. Extremly poor performance (100GB data in 3 minutes is OK with 1 thread, you have 100 threads?!?! That is /1 GB DATA PER 3 MINUTES/!!! You could use Excel to achieve this...)<br />2. You have to support your own bloated code, whilst libtrace is free to use.<br />3. Losing face by telling people you can process 1 GB data in 3 minutes when this is something that could be done 10 years ago in a lower level language.<br /><br />Sorry guys but, wtf are you doing here... ;p<br /><br />&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;/Anonymous, been using libpcap and libtrace for long enough to realize how utterly silly this article was. ;p