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Sylvain BAYA
Hi Andrei, It's always a good idea to measure actions, in both sides, to see whether there is progress in real time throught numbers/DataViz:graphs/stats... For my understanding, it's, *usually*, a lake of competencies when you see bad practices in network management/operations. If all of us where doing right things as, related, RFCs indicates, there will not be a need to launch a MANRS program. Now that it's knowledgable that the routing in|Security is regularly more seen as a matter of skills and awareness in Best Practices, it's good to address the problem at roots... I see that you have launched a pilot online training program for trainers on MANRS aspects. I strongly encourage such an initiative then I want to suggest something about collaboration with NOGs : please make sure to contact NOG's organizers, then work closer with them in this issue, prior to engage them for their local community. This imply to ensure to build a local MANRS team well trained in all NOGs. What you can also do while empowering contry|regional|NOGs is to sustain the RING (~IR~NLNOG project) expansion. I think that a RING approach could be a better solution than the Atlas until we will also see probes in containers (VM) version like there is now the case for anchors in test... So backing to the article, thanks for sharing. Hope we will see more interesting results measured in both sides. Regards, --sb.