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Tore Anderson
Thanks! I think this is useful and interesting, and will probably be even more useful after IPv4 depletion as LIRs starts transferring allocations between them, rather than getting them directly from the NCC. (Also see policy proposal 2012-05, which calls for the publication of data that is pretty much the same as what is being made available here.) I would like to see this data being made public, both in the form of a queryable interface like RIPEstat, but also in aggregate and easily parseable form so that one can do its own research and report generation based on it. As I pointed out on the ncc-services-wg mailing list, two possible ways of doing this would be to publish historic versions of alloclist.txt, and/or to add a regid field to delegated-ripencc-extended. At least when it comes to allocations, I believe that there is no confidentiality concern. This information has been made available in alloclist.txt, so anyone could have built their own historic archive by mirroring that file daily. (I'm about to start doing so, myself.) Tore