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Emile Aben
Hi Andrey, Calculating back from this limit, it seems that the spending limit would be exceeded with 92 fully dual-stack probes. We do have a few countries with enough RIPE Atlas probes where this can be a problem (US,DE,RU) with the default maximum daily spending limit. One solution would be to change the scripts to select fewer probes, or only do one address family (IPv4 or IPv6), or to select maximum of 1 probe per ASN. Or you could manually modify the probeset.json file that gets generated and remove probes there yourself, to fit within the spending limit. I'll try and get back to you in direct email to get to know the details of the measurement you are attempting (for instance the number of locations specified, as that affects the number of probes). Tthe RIPE Atlas team can temporarily increase spending limits if there is a reason for that.