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Felipe Victolla Silveira
Thanks for your comment Marco, you do raise some very important points. A contingency plan in the event our root CA gets compromised is part of the work we are doing in the RPKI resiliency project. Yet the main goal of the project is to prevent this to happen in the first place, we do acknowledge that having such a plan is very important. In the worst case scenario, a TA key-roll would be needed, which would require all RPKI validators to update the RIPE NCC TAL. We believe cross-signing ROAs between RIRs could be a potential solution but would add lots of complexity to the system, which is a threat in itself. However, we fully support using a more decentralised model for RPKI. Krill (developed by NLnet Labs) is a solution for non-hosted CA, and we believe is a good step forward in this direction.