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Site Administrator — 18 Jul 2013

Trusted Assurance Simplified

In the third of this series of guest posts, Kathleen Moriarty talks about the importance of posture assessment - the process of evaluating organisation or system security - and looks at solutions for simplifying that process that could help organisations achieve higher levels of trusted assurance.

Trusted Assurance Simplified - Read More…

Measuring DNS over TLS from the Edge: Adoption, Reliability and Response Times

DNS over TLS (DoT) is an extension to the DNS over UDP/53 (Do53) protocol, which provides additional confidentiality to the DNS messages between client and server. Since its standardisation in RFC7858 in 2016, DoT has gained increasing support by various DNS services as well as operating systems. In order to understand how available DoT is and how it performs for an end user, we study the adoption, reliability, and response times of DoT using RIPE Atlas.

Measuring DNS over TLS from the Edge: Adoption, Reliability and Response Times - Read More…

Splitting the Ping

Pings provide a simple measure of how long it takes to get there and back across the Internet. What's not so simple is working out how long the trip there took versus the trip back. In this guest post, Ben Cox introduces a method for splitting the ping.

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General Meeting Changes in 2021

The May General Meeting (GM) is fast approaching, and with it an Executive Board election among other important topics for members. We’re implementing a few changes to our GM governance and processes this year. While we believe these changes will be integrated seamlessly, we’d like to highlight three of them so you know a bit more about how we’re safeguarding the forum for members to exercise their voting rights and discuss issues that matter.

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RIPE Atlas Big Data is Back

The start of 2021 saw RIPE Atlas users encountering delays in data retrieval and an overall drop in the responsiveness of the system. Now that things are back to normal, we thought we’d take a more detailed look at what happened and the steps we’re taking to prevent it from happening again.

RIPE Atlas Big Data is Back - Read More…

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