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Site Administrator — 18 Jul 2013

So Long Last /8 and Thanks For All the Allocations

On 17 April 2018, we allocated the last available block of 1,024 addresses in 185/8 - the last /8 we received from IANA back in 2011. This article looks at how this address space was allocated and how it is used today. It's important to keep in mind that while 185/8 is finished, we still have around nine million recovered IPv4 addresses in our available pool. Under current policy and growth rates, we expect these to last a further two years.

So Long Last /8 and Thanks For All the Allocations - Read More…

Historical Whois

The Historical Whois widget is a new RIPEstat widget that allows users to visually navigate through RIPE Database objects and their historical versions. It comes equipped with a set of handy features for comparing historical changes to objects in a diff-tool like fashion.

Historical Whois - Read More…

Connecting 5 Million Users to IPv6

In 2016, Sky UK completed a project that was three years in the planning and became the first major ISP in the UK to enable IPv6 for customers. With all existing eligible subscriber lines enabled, around 90% of the fixed-line broadband customer base picked up and started using IPv6, adding over 5 million new eyeballs to the IPv6 Internet.

Connecting 5 Million Users to IPv6 - Read More…

RIPE Atlas Probes: Delays in Distribution

The good news: RIPE Atlas is growing both in terms of geographical diversity and ASN coverage. What's more, RIPE Atlas is evolving, with a new generation of probe hardware having already passed the test phase and a pilot programme underway to assess the viability of VM anchors. The not so good news: With RIPE Atlas so much in demand, and with our current provider having ceased manufacturing of the probe hardware, we've had to dramatically reduce the number of probes we're distributing.

RIPE Atlas Probes: Delays in Distribution - Read More…

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