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Site Administrator — 18 Jul 2013

On the Internet, Everyone is Connected to Everyone Else. Right?

We tend to make a number of assumptions about the Internet, and sometimes these assumptions don’t always stand up to critical analysis. We were perhaps ‘trained’ by the claims of the telephone service to believe that these communications networks supported a model of universal connectivity. Any telephone handset could establish a call with any other telephone handset was the underlying model of a ubiquitous telephone service, and we’ve carried that assumption into our perception of the Internet. On the Internet anyone can communicate with anyone else – right?

On the Internet, Everyone is Connected to Everyone Else. Right? - Read More…

The Revamped RIPE Atlas Website

RIPE Atlas has been in operation for more than five years now, and its network of probes and users has grown tremendously in that time. We’ve also added anchors, sponsors and ambassadors to the system, developed a huge array of new tools, visualisations and features, and RIPE Atlas data is now being used by network operators, engineers and researchers around the world. As a result, we thought it was time to revamp the RIPE Atlas website, which hadn’t changed much over the past five years despite all the changes to RIPE Atlas itself. Get an overview of some of the biggest changes and new features - then check out the new site, which launches today!

The Revamped RIPE Atlas Website - Read More…

RIPE Atlas Year in Review 2015

RIPE Atlas had another successful year in 2015, thanks in large part to all our users, hosts, sponsors, ambassadors and other community members. Here we take a look back at some of the achievements we reached together, the new features we implemented, key facts and figures - and offer a sneak peek of what you can expect in 2016.

RIPE Atlas Year in Review 2015 - Read More…

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