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Site Administrator — 18 Jul 2013

Diversity Discussions at RIPE 74

This is the first in a series of blog posts on efforts to increase diversity and inclusivity in the RIPE community. The focus of this article is to report on activities before and during the RIPE 74 Meeting in Budapest in May 2017. We also invite you to join the mailing list, and help shape the newly formed RIPE Diversity Task Force.

Diversity Discussions at RIPE 74 - Read More…

BGP Table Fragmentation: What & Who?

BGP routing table growth is one of the major Internet scaling issues, and prefix deaggregation is thought to be a major contributor to table growth. In this work we quantify the fragmentation of the routing table by the type of IP prefix. We observe that the proportion of deaggregated prefixes has quasi doubled in the last fifteen years. Our study also shows that the deaggregated prefixes are the least stable; they appear and disappear more frequently.

BGP Table Fragmentation: What & Who? - Read More…


The Internet was built using an architectural principle of a simple network and agile edges. The basic approach was to assume that the network is a simple collection of buffered switches and circuits. As packets traverse the network they are effectively passed from switch to switch.

BBR TCP - Read More…

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