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Site Administrator — 18 Jul 2013

Ambassador, You Are Spoiling Us

At the RIPE NCC, we are grateful for the contribution RIPE Atlas ambassadors make to the success of the RIPE Atlas measurements platform. In this article, we focus on a handy RIPEstat tool that can be used to visualise the results of their efforts. The tool provides a historical view of country-specific growth of RIPE Atlas probe numbers and allows for comparisons of up to four countries in the same graph.

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Routing Detours: Can We Avoid Nation-State Surveillance?

An increasing number of countries are passing laws that facilitate the mass surveillance of their citizens. In response, governments and citizens are increasingly paying attention to the countries that their Internet traffic traverses. In some cases, countries are taking extreme steps, such as building new IXPs and encouraging local interconnection to keep local traffic local. We find that although many of these efforts are extensive, they are often futile, due to the inherent lack of hosting and route diversity for many popular sites. We investigate how the use of overlay network relays and the DNS open resolver infrastructure can prevent traffic from traversing certain jurisdictions.

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Ethics of RIPE Atlas Measurements

This article is intended to make RIPE Atlas users aware of ethical issues that could arise when using RIPE Atlas. We do not intend to propose any new formal processes or procedures to address the relevant ethical issues, but we do want to encourage members of the RIPE Atlas community to consider the ethical impact of their behaviour when using RIPE Atlas.

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IXP Tools Hackathon Results

The fourth RIPE NCC Hackathon was as fun and productive as the previous three, with even more supporting organisations and participants. This short article aims to express our gratitude to everyone involved and to give a summary of our experiences, while several projects will be described in more detail in the follow-up articles.

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Speculating on DNS DDoS

The recent attacks on the DNS infrastructure operated by Dyn have generated a lot of comment in recent days. Indeed, it’s not often that the DNS itself has been prominent in the mainstream of news commentary and, in some ways, this DNS DDoS prominence is for all the wrong reasons! I’d like to speculate a bit on what this attack means for the DNS and what we could do to mitigate the recurrence of such attacks.

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