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Site Administrator — 18 Jul 2013

Blockers to IPv6 Adoption

On a recent flight from the UK to the USA I sat next to the IT director for a global corporation. He asked me why I was travelling, to which I answered that I was giving the keynote presentation at an IPv6 conference held by the US Federal government. Without hesitation, his response was “IPv6 is not even on my radar.”

Blockers to IPv6 Adoption - Read More…

Could Blockchain Help in Interdomain Routing Security?

Blockchain technology is attracting a lot of attention among the security community since it provides a way to exchange information among a set of distrusting entities without the use of digital certificates and centralised control. Blockchain provides means for distrusting parties to reach consensus in a distributed way. Although the main application of blockchains are financial systems, their use in the field of networking is currently being explored (e.g., Blockstack or Namecoin).

Could Blockchain Help in Interdomain Routing Security? - Read More…

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