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IPv4 and IPv6 in the Middle East

Mirjam Kühne — Jan 2009
The graphs below show the cumulative IPv4 (on the left) and IPv6 (on the right) address space per country per quarter. The IPv4 graphs show data starting in 1991 and ending in 2012. The IPv6 graphs show data starting in 1999 and ending in 2012.



Address Space in Bahrain

Cumulative IPv4 Bahrain
Cumulative IPv6 Bahrain

Address Space in Iran

Cumulative IPv4 Iran

Cumulative IPv6 Iran


Address Space in Iraq

Cumative IPv4 Iraq

Cumulative IPv6 Iraq


Address Space in Jordan

Cumulative IPv4 Jordan

Cumulative IPv6 Jordan

Address Space in Kuwait

Cumulative IPv4 Kuweit

Cumulative IPv6 Kuwait


Address Space in Lebanon

Cumulative IPv4 Lebanon

Cumulative IPv6 Lebanon

Address Space in Oman

Cumulative IPv4 Oman

Cumulative IPv6 Oman

Address Space in Qatar

Cumulative IPv4 Qatar

Cumulative IPv6

Address Space in Saudi Arabia

Cumulative IPv4 Saudi Arabia

Cumulative IPv6 Saudi Arabia

Address Space in Syria

Cumulative IPv4 Syria

Cumulative IPv6 Syria

Address Space in UAE

Cumulative IPv4 UAE

Cumulative IPv6 UAE

Address Space in Yemen

Cumulative IPv4 Yemen

Cumulative IPv6 Yemen


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