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Number of Remaining IPv4 Addresses

Total number of available and reserved IPv4 addresses (in millions) managed by the RIPE NCC.

7.02 Million

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Abraham Y. Chen says:
15 Jul, 2018 11:12 PM
Below is the result of a study that we accidentally ventured into. It utilizes nothing more than the original IPv4 protocol RFC791 and the long-reserved yet hardly-utilized 240/4 address block to expand the IPv4 pool by 256M fold. We have submitted a draft proposal called EzIP (phonetic for Easy IPv4) to IETF:[…]/draft-chen-ati-adaptive-ipv4-address-space-03

Basically, the EzIP approach will not only resolve IPv4 address shortage issues, but also largely mitigate the root cause to cyber security vulnerabilities, plus open up new possibilities for the Internet, all within the confines of the IPv4 domain. In fact, this scheme may be deployed "stealthily" for isolated regions where needed. These should relieve the urgency to deploy the IPv6 for an appreciable length of time, and invalidate the market of trading the IPv4 addresses.

Any thought or comment will be much appreciated.

Abe(2018-07-15 17:10)
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