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RIPE NCC Statistics

Here you can find a collection of statistics the RIPE NCC provides on a regular basis. You can search for statistics on a specific topic using the list of tags, or you can find a complete alphabetical list of available statistics under the "All statistics" link.

Many of the graphs presented here are dynamic and are updated on a regular basis (from daily to monthly, depending on the graph), and display the current figure in orange text at the bottom. The Statistics page is an ongoing project, and we will continue to update it and add more features as more data becomes available.

Please note that the previous version of the statistics page is still available. You can leave comments and suggestions on the statistics feedback page.

Statistic items tagged with ipv4

Number of IPv4 Transfers
Number of IPv4 Transfers

This graph shows the number of registered IPv4 transfers (both, PI and PA) per month since October 2012 when the RIPE NCC started allocating from the last /8 of IPv4.

IPv4 Adress Transfers last Month

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IPv4 Addresses Transferred

This graph shows the combined IPv4 PA an PI transfers from one RIPE NCC LIR or enduser to another RIPE NCC LIR or enduser. This graph does not show inter-RIR transfers

Number of IPv4 addresses transferred in the RIPE NCC service region last month

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IPv4 Transfer Listing Service

Total IPv4 Addresses Available for Transfer:

Total IPv4 Addresses Requested for Transfer:

The first number above shows the numbers of IPv4 addresses currently been offered for transfer by RIPE NCC members. The second numer shows the number of IPv4 addresses currently being requested for transfer by RIPE NCC members.

The IPv4 Transfer Listing Service is a platform that enables RIPE NCC members to list and exchange IPv4 address space they hold and no longer need. The listing service is only available to members.

For more information, please see the RIPE NCC Listing Service FAQs.

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Country Comparison in RIPEstat

The RIPEstat Country Routing Statistics widget shows the number of IP prefixes (IPv4 and IPv6) and Autonomous System Numbers (ASNs) in a country over time, as seen in the Routing Information Service (RIS). On the Country Comparison page you can specify up to four countries and compare the routing situation in these countries.

IPv4 Allocations and Assignments by Week
IPv4 Allocations and Assignments by Week

Number of IPv4 allocations (blue) and assignments (red) made by the RIPE NCC on a weekly basis. We stopped making assignments in September 2012 (except for small assignments to Internet Exchange Points and some temporary assignments).

IPv4 Address Space Covered by ROAs

Number of IPv4 addresses covered by Route Origin Authorisation objects (ROAs), in /24 units

Number of Remaining IPv4 Addresses
Number of Remaining IPv4 Addresses

Total number of available and reserved IPv4 addresses (in millions) managed by the RIPE NCC.

14.06 Million
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