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RIPE NCC Internet Country Report: Mediterranean Europe

Suzanne Taylor

We take a comprehensive look at five different countries in Mediterranean Europe as the next in our series of RIPE NCC Internet Country Reports.

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An Analysis of Responses to Mozilla’s Trusted Recursive Resolver Public Consultation

Andrew Campling

While it remains to be seen what conclusions Mozilla will reach after public consultation into their Trusted Recursive Resolver policy, their initial reaction to the input received has led to positive change. That said, a closer look at responses to the consultation shows more work is needed before…

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Day One Exploits: How to Effectively Reduce the Threat

Kathleen Moriarty

Recent Day One attacks have demonstrated how difficult it can be for organisations to react when vulnerabilities are announced.

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Some Handy ROA Advice from Randy Bush

George Michaelson

Simple yet crucial ways to ensure your ROAs are functioning as they should.

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Docker IPv6 Networking, Routing, and NDP Proxying

Cameron Steel

Networking in Docker comes with challenges, but IPv6’s abundance of addresses holds some solutions.

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RIPE Community Resilience: Economy of Care

Vesna Manojlovic

The need for community actualisation is equivalent to the financial Layer 8. The COVID-19 pandemic offers a path to alternatives to capitalism: ecofeminism, degrowth, unions, and the circular economy. Caring and maintenance are resistant to paradigms of unlimited growth and disruptive innovation.

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The RIPE Chair Team Reports: June 2021

Mirjam Kühne

This June saw a variety of events taking place across the community, draft proposals issuing from RIPE Task Forces, and cautiously hopeful planning around future events that - fingers crossed - might just provide us all with a much needed chance to meet in person in the coming months.

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Updated Draft RIPE Code of Conduct

Leo Vegoda

We are seeking the community’s feedback on our updated draft RIPE Code of Conduct. This article explains what has changed since we published our previous draft back in March.

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Fragmentation, Truncation, and Timeouts: Are Large DNS Messages Falling to Bits?

Giovane Moura

RightsCon - What's New in the Human Rights Debate

Gergana Petrova

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