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Accelerating the Transition to IPv6 in France
Accelerating the Transition to IPv6 in France
Samih Souissi — 09 Jan 2019

In January 2016, the French Government called upon Arcep (the French telecommunications regulator) to produce an opinion on the state of IPv6 deployment in France, inviting them to draw up a precise situation report on the deployment of IPv6 in France, to identify the difficulties and obstacles associated with this transition, to suggest a series of measures and initiatives capable of encouraging and providing support to users and businesses and, lastly, to set up an annual observatory on the IPv6 transition in France making it possible to assess the transition’s progress. … Read more

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IPv6 Misconceptions: It’s Fake News
IPv6 Misconceptions: It’s Fake News
Jen Linkova — 20 Dec 2018

As I was preparing my keynote presentation for the recent UK IPv6 Council AGM held in London earlier this month, it occurred to me that I’ve spent a significant amount of time talking about how good IPv6 is at these and other meetings, often to those who are already championing and using the protocol. So, I’m writing it down and sharing it with a wider audience, notably those who are using common misconceptions as reasons for not deploying IPv6.… Read more

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