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IPv6 Week Denmark
IPv6 Week Denmark
Nathalie Nathalie — 22 Nov 2017

An IPv6 week is an opportunity to raise awareness and stimulate IPv6 deployment on a national level. It brings a wide variety of stakeholders, knowledge and experience to a country where deployment of IPv6 is low. One of the key factors affecting the success of a national IPv6 week is support from the local community. In Copenhagen, we were very happy to have assistance from DKNOG in preparing and delivering this event.… Read more

Tags: ipv6 hackathon
How We're Implementing the GDPR
How We're Implementing the GDPR
Athina Fragkouli — 21 Nov 2017

This is the first in a series of articles we plan to publish on RIPE Labs over the coming weeks and months, each of which will provide details of any legal analysis we perform in the implementation of the GDPR in the RIPE Database, and any other RIPE NCC services.… Read more

Tags: gdpr legal
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