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Sharing ideas that shape the Internet

For over a decade, RIPE Labs has been bringing people from all corners of the community together to share and discuss news and ideas about network operations, measurements and tools, Internet governance, industry events and community matters.

RIPE Labs is a trusted source of information for those working toward the good of the Internet. It's a place to showcase and test new tools and prototypes, where experts share analyses and discuss topics relevant to the state of the Internet right now, and where those new to the community can get the resources they need to find their way into the conversation.

Who is it for?

RIPE Labs is for anyone who shares an active interest in the good of the Internet and takes part in the discussions and processes that guide its future operation. We’re home to many voices, with experts from various Internet-related fields coming to RIPE Labs to get across ideas that matter to them and, in turn, find articles that get to the heart of topics they want to read about.

As there’s no one field of expertise, no one skillset, that qualifies someone to become part of the community, our approach is to keep things approachable no matter what your background. This means making sure the articles we publish are clear and to the point, with straightforward summaries, helpful visualisations, and useful links to further information. It also means providing our readers with content aimed at explaining how the topics we cover fit together and why they matter. Inclusivity is key as more and more people feel the need to get involved and have their say in dialogues about the future of the Internet.

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