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Live Egyptian Internet Incident Analysis

Devin Bayer — 28 Jan 2011
We have been using the prototype RIPEstat toolbox to analyse what happened to the Internet in Egypt.
On the night of 27 January 2011, most of the Egyptian Internet became unreachable when prefixes associated with Egyptian ISPs were withdrawn. One of the goals of our new data and analysis portal RIPEstat is to highlight and explain interesting incidents in Internet operations, inviting comments and tools for live analysis. We have used the events in Egypt as input for our first targeted analysis on RIPEstat and we hope that it will provide useful insight into the unfolding situation in the region. We actively encourage community feedback about the tool and its output. Please visit:

We welcome your comments below.

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Anonymous says:
28 Jan, 2011 04:56 PM
I have try a quick analysis related to bgp aspect.

if you are interested:
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