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CAPIF 1 - Peering and Interconnection in Central Asia

Vahan Hovsepyan

Central Asia is a landlocked region that could one day become a centre of interconnection for other regions and countries, including China, Iran, Russia, and the Caucasus. But to get there, networks in the region will need to cross a number of hurdles. CAPIF 1 will bring together local communities …

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A Role for ISACs in Software Supply Chain Assurance

Kathleen Moriarty

In the context of efforts to reduce the attack surface of applications, systems, and networks, developing approaches for assessing software security continues to be an important endeavour. In this article, Kathleen Moriarty maps out different models for software assurance and asks what a role Infor…

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Log4Shell Through the Scope of a Reactive Network Telescope

Raphael Hiesgen

The omnipresence of software introduces a constant threat of new vulnerabilities that affect widely-deployed implementations. At the end of 2021, the Log4Shell vulnerability (CVE-2021-44228) made headlines. In this article, read more about Log4Shell as seen from a reactive network telescope.

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IPv6 On by Default

Jan Zorz

At RIPE 85 we'll hold the final instalment in a series of panel discussions that have brought together the people who made the IPv6 World Events happen a decade ago. Read on to find out what the next big push for global IPv6 adoption might look like.

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Minimising RIS Live Delays

Oleg Muravskiy

It has been almost 3 years since we promoted RIS Live to a full production service. Its biggest advantage is that it delivers RIS data in real time, with minimal delays from the RIS collectors to our users. We had received a lot of positive feedback about the service, however, we were still wonderi…

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Staying Alive - What Is TTL and Why Is It Important for Your DNS Setup?

Lars-Johan Liman

If you know about DNS, you've probably heard of the Time-to-Live (TTL) field. But mistakes with TTL are more common than you might think. Here we look at the quirks of DNS record sets, parent/child domains and how to avoid TTL problems.

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Production Deployment of TCP Authentication Option

Andrew Gallo

The George Washington University recently deployed Transmission Control Protocol Authentication Option (TCP-AO) after a recent code upgrade on its border routers. This further enhances BGP security features already in place on our network.

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Is It Possible for Encryption to Harm Cybersecurity?

Andrew Campling

This article provides an update on developments in encrypted DNS and related protocols and their potential impact on cybersecurity. In particular, it highlights how applications are making it increasingly difficult for both enterprises and consumers to monitor their in-bound and out-bound communica…

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PeeringDB 2022 User Survey

Leo Vegoda

PeeringDB wants input from everyone who uses our interconnection database. Our anonymous survey is now open until 23:59 UTC on 16 October 2022. We would like your feedback to help us make PeeringDB more useful to everyone involved in connecting networks.

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The Elephant Effect - Considerations on Live Streaming Italy's Serie A Championship

Flavio Luciani

For the first time in Italy, a major event - the Serie A football championship - is being broadcast exclusively via the Internet. In this article, we share some considerations the phenomenon of streaming football in Italy, looking at things from the operator’s point of view

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