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Hosted DNS Application Update

Expanding the RIPE NCC Authoritative DNS Service means cooperating with the community to find organisations out there willing to host AuthDNS instances on their networks. In this article, find out exactly what's required from hosts and how to apply.

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The Tragedy of Internet Infrastructure in Afghanistan

Farzaneh Badiei

Economic sanctions have had a negative impact on Internet access for residents of the target countries. With Afghanistan likely set to join the list of sanctioned countries, Farzaneh Badiei looks at what effects this will have on the country's Internet infrastructure at the level of generic domain …

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Using Third Parties to Automate Our Due Diligence

Felipe Victolla Silveira

For the past year, we've been improving our due diligence procedures. Performing all of the necessary checks is complex work, and there’s a lot of it. For this reason, we'll be using trusted third-party expertise and automation in two key areas: sanctions screening and the validation of identificat…

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Supporting the Internet Number Registry System

Hans Petter Holen

AFRINIC has received a lot of attention recently following a dispute with one of its members that has led to several legal actions taking place in the Mauritian courts. In this article, I want to make it clear that the RIPE NCC stands firmly with the decisions made by the AFRINIC community through …

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Four Ideas for Quicker Querying in the RIPE Database Web Search

Rehan Syed Muhammad

Thousands visit the RIPE Database web interface every day to seek out information on Internet number resources. After taking a closer look at how people interact with the interface, we've come up with four small changes that, without altering the way you search, could very well cut down on the amou…

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Managing DNS Over IPv6 Only

Outgrowing your IPv4 allocation is one of many very good reasons to get on with deploying IPv6. Here's a use case on the latest steps the RIPE NCC has been taking in the piecemeal process of deploying IPv6 across its services.

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RIPE NCC and the Cloud: Draft Principles, Requirements and Strategy Framework

Felipe Victolla Silveira

Our draft cloud strategy framework is an attempt to bring everything together in a way that sets out some boundaries, identifies critical elements, and indicates where we need to be strict vs where we can afford to be a little more relaxed. This should hopefully support more clarity regarding how w…

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RIPE NCC and the Cloud: Let’s Start Again

Felipe Victolla Silveira

The community’s reaction to our cloud proposal at RIPE 82 was stronger than we expected. We think it’s worth re-starting this discussion, and the first step is to check that we’ve heard you correctly.

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The End of an Era - Gert Döring on His Time at RIPE

Monika Ermert

Gert Döring chaired the RIPE Address Policy Working Group for close to two decades. Representing one of the first German ISPs, SpaceNet, he helped create RIPE’s process for adopting policies. In this interview with CENTR, Gert talks about how he thinks the RIPE community has to start adapting to th…

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RIPE NCC Anti-Abuse Support - What to Do if It Happens to You

Angela Dall'Ara

At the RIPE NCC, we get lots of requests for assistance from people dealing with online abuse. In this article, we clarify how you can use our tools to help resolve abuse issues, but also what you can do when further steps need to be taken.

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