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RIPE NCC Information Security Controls Framework For Cloud Services

Ivo Dijkhuis

Information security controls help protect against vulnerabilities and risk. In this article, we share details of the RIPE NCC Cloud Security Controls Framework that we'll be using to assess whether cloud providers meet the security requirements for our services.

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Defining the Criticality of RIPE NCC Services

Felipe Victolla Silveira

We’ve been brainstorming on a process to determine the criticality level of our services, and we’d now like to ask the community for input on how we should approach this effort moving forward.

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A Matter of Principle

Chris Buckridge

Principles for Internet governance - are they a useful tool, or just one more collection to add to the list? And is there a need to document RIPE's own principles?

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NIS 2 (and the other EU regulation updates you need to know): November 2021

Suzanne Taylor

This is the latest in an ongoing series in which we give a brief overview of the most pertinent digital policies currently being proposed, debated and implemented in the European Union.

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How Sanctions Affect the RIPE NCC

Athina Fragkouli

Ahead of next week’s RIPE Meeting, we thought it was worth looking at how sanctions have affected us over the past year or so, along with some of the steps we have taken in response.

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Supporting an Independent TF-CSIRT

Kjerstin Burdiek

TF-CSIRT is preparing to go independent, separating from GÉANT. As they take their first steps as an independent organisation, we'll be there to lend our support.

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RIPE NCC Cloud Strategy Framework

Felipe Victolla Silveira

Our cloud strategy framework provides a starting point that we will use when developing cloud implementations in the future. It also forms a solid basis for discussions with the community on specific proposals relating to our services.

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Hosted DNS Application Update

Expanding the RIPE NCC Authoritative DNS Service means cooperating with the community to find organisations out there willing to host AuthDNS instances on their networks. In this article, find out exactly what's required from hosts and how to apply.

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The Tragedy of Internet Infrastructure in Afghanistan

Farzaneh Badiei

Economic sanctions have had a negative impact on Internet access for residents of the target countries. With Afghanistan likely set to join the list of sanctioned countries, Farzaneh Badiei looks at what effects this will have on the country's Internet infrastructure at the level of generic domain …

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Using Third Parties to Automate Our Due Diligence

Felipe Victolla Silveira

For the past year, we've been improving our due diligence procedures. Performing all of the necessary checks is complex work, and there’s a lot of it. For this reason, we'll be using trusted third-party expertise and automation in two key areas: sanctions screening and the validation of identificat…

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