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Securing Critical Infrastructure: New Regulations Mandate Control

Sebastiaan Bosman

Organisations responsible for critical infrastructure often also take care of their own cybersecurity. Now though, with the European Commission having proposed a new directive to enhance the resilience of critical entities, such organisations need to start preparing for change.

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Help us Build a Sustainable European Cloud

Michael Oghia

Over the summer, we – the Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance (SDIA) – published a three-part series introducing our manifesto for a sustainable European cloud, one that’s open-source, fair, and creates economic opportunities for all. Such digital infrastructure will reflect European values…

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The Tragedy of Internet Infrastructure in Afghanistan

Farzaneh Badiei

Economic sanctions have had a negative impact on Internet access for residents of the target countries. With Afghanistan likely set to join the list of sanctioned countries, Farzaneh Badiei looks at what effects this will have on the country's Internet infrastructure at the level of generic domain …

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RIPE Community Resilience: Every Society Has the Internet they Deserve

Vesna Manojlovic

OSI Layer 9 is "political". Let's explore non-Westphalian views on society, and the impact of coronavirus pandemic on inequalities, justice and digital technologies. I am inviting you to work together on imagining and building utopian Internet of the future.

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Human Rights Are Not a Bug

Niels ten Oever

The Internet plays a crucial role in our increasingly digital daily lives. But who shapes and governs the patchwork that enables this essential utility? And how do their actions bear on the rights and interests of users all over the world?

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Transparency Meets Sustainability: Announcing the SDIA Open Data Hub

Michael Oghia

Last month, the Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance (SDIA) announced our Open Data Hub, a resource that's meant to boost transparency, trust, and data availability to help researchers, industry, and society realise a sustainable digital economy. It is essentially our answer to the challenge…

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An Analysis of Responses to Mozilla’s Trusted Recursive Resolver Public Consultation

Andrew Campling

While it remains to be seen what conclusions Mozilla will reach after public consultation into their Trusted Recursive Resolver policy, their initial reaction to the input received has led to positive change. That said, a closer look at responses to the consultation shows more work is needed before…

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RIPE Community Resilience: Economy of Care

Vesna Manojlovic

The need for community actualisation is equivalent to the financial Layer 8. The COVID-19 pandemic offers a path to alternatives to capitalism: ecofeminism, degrowth, unions, and the circular economy. Caring and maintenance are resistant to paradigms of unlimited growth and disruptive innovation.

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RIPE NCC Internet Country Report: Mediterranean Europe

Suzanne Taylor

We take a comprehensive look at five different countries in Mediterranean Europe as the next in our series of RIPE NCC Internet Country Reports.

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Is Big Necessarily Bad?

Geoff Huston

Why did a network technology such as the Internet, designed to pass control away from the central network to the connected devices, succumb to the level of centrality we see today? In this guest post, Geoff Huston shares his thoughts on the topic of centrality.

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