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Artificial Intelligence and Policy-Making Developments – Council of Europe’s CAHAI

Athina Fragkouli

As the first in a series of articles aimed at exploring how policy-making institutions are reacting to challenges posed by Artificial Intelligence (AI), we look at how the Council of Europe seeks to examine the feasibility of a legal framework for the development, design and application of AI.

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Understanding the European Resolver Policy

Andrew Campling

The European Resolver Policy is intended to provide reassurance to end-users and other stakeholders that personal data gained in the operation of DNS resolution services will not be misused. In this guest article, Andrew Campling talks about the aims and benefits of the policy.

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You are Not Alone: RIPE Community Resilience 

Vesna Manojlovic

The continued resilience of the RIPE community during the COVID-19 pandemic has helped the Internet keep running. This hasn't been easy, but we're in it together! Vesna Manojlovic draws a parallel between universal human needs and OSI model networking abstraction layers.

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#LetsGreenTheWeb with

Michael Oghia invites you to join us for our #LetsGreenTheWeb campaign – a focused, 5-day Twitter campaign to measure the carbon emissions of websites, share tweets highlighting the results, and encourage developers to reduce website emissions. The campaign will run on Twitter from 15-19 Febru…

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Remote Chaos Experience 2020

Vesna Manojlovic

There is a substantial overlap between RIPE and CCC communities. In this post, I highlight talks from the most recent event that might be inspirational and useful to our readers.

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Our First Glance at the Uganda Internet Shutdown

Vesna Manojlovic

Reports indicate that the Ugandan government initiated a shutdown of the country's Internet yesterday evening. Here's a look at what we're seeing based on data available from our Routing Information Service (RIS) and RIPE Atlas.

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The Human Face of Cybersecurity

The Youth IGF is a global movement of young activists, up to the age of 35, who operate as a multi-stakeholder network to lead projects aimed at tackling a wide range of Internet governance issues. In this article, Yuliya Morenets gives an overview of the Youth IGF's recent report on the human face…

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RIPE NCC Internet Country Report: Gulf Region

Suzanne Taylor

We examine the Internet landscape in eight different countries in the Gulf region as the next in our series of RIPE NCC Internet Country Reports.

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Changing the Internet

Marco Hogewoning

I recently had the opportunity to speak at a (virtual) event organised to celebrate the 25th birthday of the Moscow Internet Exchange. A great moment to look back at how the Internet has changed, and an even better one to discuss how best to handle changes yet to come. Here are the thoughts that fo…

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IGF 2020 Liveblog

Gergana Petrova

The 15th annual meeting of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) will be taking place online from 9-17 November with pre-events happening from 2-6 November. Our staff will be sharing key moments and takeaways from the sessions they attend. Check this page each day for the latest issues, arguments and…

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