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Hosted DNS Application Update

Expanding the RIPE NCC Authoritative DNS Service means cooperating with the community to find organisations out there willing to host AuthDNS instances on their networks. In this article, find out exactly what's required from hosts and how to apply.

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The UKNOF BCOP for Virtual Events

Denesh Bhabuta

Denesh Bhabuta and Leo Vegoda look back over how UKNOF’s team of volunteers transformed its events from physical meetings to online events. Read on for a useful list of lessons learned and what the authors think of as the ‘virtual event BCOP’ for other organisers.

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The RIPE Chair Team Reports: September 2021

Mirjam Kühne

The RIPE code of conduct is ready. RIPE 83 is getting closer. And the community is back to business, coming together in a whole variety of endeavours and events to address changes and challenges in network operations, policy development, regional issues, sustainability, and much more.

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The Tragedy of Internet Infrastructure in Afghanistan

Farzaneh Badiei

Economic sanctions have had a negative impact on Internet access for residents of the target countries. With Afghanistan likely set to join the list of sanctioned countries, Farzaneh Badiei looks at what effects this will have on the country's Internet infrastructure at the level of generic domain …

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NLNOG Day 2021 - Live and in Person from Amsterdam

Nathalie Trenaman

Organising a Network Operator Group event is challenging at the best of times. After all, we're technical people, not event organisers. But organising a "hybrid" NOG meeting during a global pandemic has been our biggest challenge yet. In this article, we explain why we did it, how it went, and what…

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Celebrating 30 Years of Europe’s First Root Name Server

Lars-Johan Liman

The root name servers are a critical part of the Internet’s infrastructure. Identified by letters A through M, they provide the entry points to the Domain Name System (DNS). Since 2000, Netnod has operated, the first root server to be located outside of the United States.

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Supporting the Internet Number Registry System

Hans Petter Holen

AFRINIC has received a lot of attention recently following a dispute with one of its members that has led to several legal actions taking place in the Mauritian courts. In this article, I want to make it clear that the RIPE NCC stands firmly with the decisions made by the AFRINIC community through …

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RIPE Chair Team Reports - Summer 2021

Mirjam Kühne

While many have been taking the time to get some much needed rest and relaxation over the summer, the community as a whole has continued its work on various activities and events. Now, as we head into September, preparations for the next RIPE Meeting are well underway.

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RIPE Community Resilience: Every Society Has the Internet they Deserve

Vesna Manojlovic

OSI Layer 9 is "political". Let's explore non-Westphalian views on society, and the impact of coronavirus pandemic on inequalities, justice and digital technologies. I am inviting you to work together on imagining and building utopian Internet of the future.

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Transparency Meets Sustainability: Announcing the SDIA Open Data Hub

Michael Oghia

Last month, the Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance (SDIA) announced our Open Data Hub, a resource that's meant to boost transparency, trust, and data availability to help researchers, industry, and society realise a sustainable digital economy. It is essentially our answer to the challenge…

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