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RIPE NCC Cloud Strategy Framework (v2)

Felipe Victolla Silveira

Our cloud strategy framework provides the principles and requirements for the cloud architecture of the RIPE NCC services. To determine these requirements, it uses the service criticality framework, more specifically its availability component rating.

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The Climate Cost of the AI Revolution

Wim Vanderbauwhede

ChatGPT and other AI applications such as Midjourney have pushed "Artificial Intelligence" high on the hype cycle. In this article, I want to focus specifically on the energy cost of training and using applications like ChatGPT, what their widespread adoption could mean for global CO₂ emissions, an…

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The Joy of TXT

Peter Lowe

TXT records are perhaps the most flexible type of DNS records available - but have you ever wondered how they’re really used? To see if we can answer this, the TXT records of 1 million domains are examined to see if there’s any rhyme or reason as to how people employ this quirky, open-ended record …

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SAV: Why Is Source Address Validation Still a Problem?

Qasim Lone

Despite being a known vulnerability for at least 25 years, source IP address spoofing remains a popular attack method for redirection, amplification and anonymity. Preventing these attacks requires that operators implement Source Address Validation (SAV) to ensure their networks filter packets with…

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The Human Factor in the Geopolitics of the Internet


The Internet is a network of networks administered, controlled and shaped by humans. As such, it is as much affected by power relationships across the public and private actors as it, in turn, affects them. In this article, the team from GEODE explores the complex relations between the technical an…

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Intercept and Inject: DNS Response Manipulation in the Wild

Yevheniya Nosyk

In November 2021, Internet users from Mexico lost access to and By the time the event was reported, the underlying problem had already gone unnoticed for quite some time. Here, we present key takeaways from our analysis of the event - carried out with RIPE Atlas - and we …

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Apply Now for Inaugural Pulse Research Fellowship

Are you interested in Internet measurements and research and have a project or tool in mind that contributes to upholding an open, globally-connected, secure, and trustworthy Internet? The Internet Society invites you to apply for the Pulse Research Fellowship.

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Plug and Plot: Reusable Visualisations for AS-Hegemony Data

This article presents a set of open-source tools - “reusable visualisations” - that extend the AS hegemony visualisations provided by the Internet Health Report. Users can directly use the online tools or embed the IHR data on their own posts, webpages, or Observable HQ notebooks.

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Help Validate ROV Adoption Measurements from RoVista

Tijay Chung

Measuring adoption of ROV is challenging without direct access to routers in the wild. My colleagues and I at Virginia Tech, IIJ, RIPE NCC, and MANRS have developed a new measurement platform (RoVISTA) to measure the current deployment status of ROV. You can help by taking our survey!

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Your Quantum Internet Hackathon Report for 2022

Anastasiya Pak

On 1-2 December 2022, together with the partners, the RIPE NCC organised a Quantum Internet Hackathon in Amsterdam, Dublin, Padua, Poznan, Sarajevo and online! It was great fun to work on the challenges and explore the mysteries of the Quantum Internet.

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