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Open-Source Software vs. the Proposed Cyber Resilience Act

Maarten Aertsen

The team over at NLnet Labs is closely following a legislative proposal by the European Commission affecting almost all hardware and software on the European market. The Cyber Resilience Act (CRA) intends to ensure cybersecurity of products with digital elements by laying down requirements and obli…

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Take part in the Quantum Internet Hackathon 2022

Karla White

The RIPE NCC is co-organising a Quantum Internet Hackathon simultaneously in five nodes on 1-2 December 2022. Join us in Amsterdam, Dublin, Padua, Poznan, Sarajevo - and online!

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Push the Button: SIDN Lab's DDoS Testbed in Action at CONCORDIA Open Door 2022

Thijs van den Hout

Over the past months, SIDN Labs have been improving the testbed they developed for the DDoS Clearing House. At the CONCORDIA Open Door event (COD2022) this October, they'll demonstrate how the testbed works as part of the CONCORDIA Threat Intelligence Platform. The team look at the latest changes t…

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240/4 As Seen by RIPE Atlas

Qasim Lone

In this article we use data from RIPE Atlas probes to investigate the usage of 240/4, a block of IPv4 addresses 'reserved for future use', formally known as Class E in the wild.

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Competition: Environmental Impact of Open-source (23 September 2022)

Max Schulze

The Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance e.V. (SDIA) and the German Environmental Protection Agency (UBA) invite the open-source community to spend an afternoon measuring and reducing the environmental impact of popular open-source libraries and tools. Together we hope to make a positive con…

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Measuring Encrypted-DNS Censorship Using OONI Probe

Simone Basso

In this article we talk through the preliminary results of an encrypted-DNS censorship study currently being conducted by the Open Observatory Network Interference (OONI).

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Journeying into XDP Part 2: XDPerimenting with DNS Telemetry

Luuk Hendriks

In this instalment of our Journeying into XDP series, we look into a passive BPF-program that enables us to plot graphs of DNS metrics without altering the DNS packets or touching the DNS software itself.

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Computing Within Limits 2022 Event Wrap

Vesna Manojlovic

Environmental sustainability is a hugely worrisome topic for the Internet industry - and as a Community Builder for the RIPE community, I find it important to engage with the academics and activists who both share our concerns and can contribute in our governance processes. Here is a look back to t…

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Where Did My Packet Go? Measuring the Impact of RPKI ROV

Koen van Hove

Merely doing RPKI ROV does not provide any guarantees where your packet ends up. We conducted an experiment where we look into the impact of RPKI ROV on whether the packet ends up in the intended location based on active beaconing with two servers.

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Stalloris: RPKI Downgrade Attack

Haya Shulman

Our research considers the impact of malicious publication points on the resilience of RPKI. We explored attacks that target the functionality of the relying party implementations and evaluated the resulting impact on the RPKI validation. We found all the relying party implementations to be vulnera…

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