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The Curious Case of Packets From ::

Robert Kisteleki

RIPE Atlas has a large enough footprint all over the world to observe various kinds of network behaviour. Recently we've been notified about a case where the IPv6 source address ::/128 appeared in some of our traceroutes. We set out to discover why this happens.

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Service Criticality Framework

Defining the criticality of RIPE NCC services provides a whole range of benefits. In this article, we take a look at the model we're adopting in order to determine a criticality rating for our services.

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A Special RIPE NCC Country Report: IPv6 in Sweden

Suzanne Taylor

We investigate the state of IPv6 in Sweden in this special RIPE NCC Internet Country Report.

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RIPE NCC Internet Country Report: Bulgaria, Moldova and Romania

Suzanne Taylor

We take a comprehensive look at three different countries in southeastern Europe as the next in our series of RIPE NCC Internet Country Reports.

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Detecting DNS Root Manipulation

Qasim Lone

In 2021, reports emerged that hosts in Mexico were unable to reach It was determined that middleboxes were to blame, intercepting the queries to the root instance hosted in China and sending a bogus reply. This article investigates the prevalence of middleboxes using RIPE Atlas probes.

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Seven Years in the Life of Hypergiant Off-nets

Petros Gigis

In this article, we present the first generic methodology to measure the expansion of Hypergiants in other networks; i.e., Hypergiant off-nets. Our findings show that the number of networks hosting Hypergiant off-nets has tripled from 2013 to 2021, reaching 4.5k networks. Our analysis also shows t…

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Bias in Internet Measurement Infrastructure

Pavlos Sermpezis

This article aims to raise awareness about bias in the Internet measurement infrastructure; e.g., RIPE Atlas, RIPE RIS. What is bias? Is the infrastructure biased? Is it a problem? The article discusses these issues and presents data that can help users to interpret or conduct measurements.

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Multi-Cloud, Multi-CDN Architecture – A Deceptive Future of the Internet

Sankalp Basavaraj

The last two years stood witness to multiple Internet outages causing massive disruptions across the globe. Among views on how to make the situation better, a prevalent theory is that multi-Cloud, multi-CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) are inevitable and are the holy grail of the Internet. This art…

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The Information Controls Fellowship Program

Corinne Cath

The Information Controls Fellowship Program (ICFP) from the Open Technology Fund (OTF) supports examination of Internet shutdowns and other events that restrict the free flow of information over the Internet. With the call for the fellowship open until 13 March, OTF is calling on individuals within…

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Who Do You Think We Are? Participation and Representation at the IGF

Nadia Tjahja

Our policy brief covers stakeholder composition of the Internet Governance Forum. We conducted a detailed analysis of stakeholder identification of individuals who attended the Internet Governance Forum on-site from 2006 until 2019. We also reflected on their attendance and re-attendance numbers an…

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