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Running Krill Under RIPE NCC

Alex Band

Krill is a free, open source RPKI Certificate Authority from NLnet Labs that lets you run delegated RPKI under one or multiple RIRs. In this article, we provide a comprehensive, step-by-step guide on how you can run Krill under the RIPE NCC.

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Help Validate ROV Adoption Measurements from RoVista

Tijay Chung

Measuring adoption of ROV is challenging without direct access to routers in the wild. My colleagues and I at Virginia Tech, IIJ, RIPE NCC, and MANRS have developed a new measurement platform (RoVISTA) to measure the current deployment status of ROV. You can help by taking our survey!

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PeeringDB 2022 Product Report

Leo Vegoda

Data quality and search were ranked most important by respondents to our last three user surveys. This update looks at improvements we have made to keep data quality high by improving automation, giving users better tools, and making it easier to find and export data in PeeringDB.

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Five Proposals for a Better RIPE Atlas

Robert Kisteleki

RIPE Atlas is constantly evolving, with the development team changing implementation on a regular basis. When proposed changes relate to behaviour, community input can be very helpful in choosing the best way forward. In this article, we look at proposals we have lined up and invite your feedback.

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RIPE IPmap - Geolocating Routes Across the Internet

Alun Davies

Geolocation providers usually focus on locating end user devices at the edge of the Internet. But what about the machines that make up the infrastructure in the middle? In this episode, Chris Amin talks about RIPE IPmap - an API developed by the RIPE NCC to geolocate core Internet infrastructure.

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RIPE NCC Internet Country Report: The Nordic Region

Suzanne Taylor

We take a comprehensive look at the five countries and three autonomous regions that make up the Nordic Region as the next in our series of RIPE NCC Internet Country Reports.

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Top 3 Types of IP Address Abuse That Threaten IPv4 Resource Holders

Vincentas Grinius

Since the exhaustion of the IPv4 address pool, companies across the globe heavily rely on IPv4 transfer and lease markets. Unfortunately, transferred IP address blocks are far more likely to be blocklisted due to IP address abuse. But while abuse negatively affects IP address reputation, the risks …

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Log4Shell Through the Scope of a Reactive Network Telescope

Raphael Hiesgen

The omnipresence of software introduces a constant threat of new vulnerabilities that affect widely-deployed implementations. At the end of 2021, the Log4Shell vulnerability (CVE-2021-44228) made headlines. In this article, read more about Log4Shell as seen from a reactive network telescope.

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A Brief History of Network Time

Robert Allen

In this post we will look at how network time works today and the technology that keeps it accurate and secure. Most of the digital tools that society relies on–across sectors such as finance, telecommunication, security and energy–only work with precise and reliable time synchronisation. But what …

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Minimising RIS Live Delays

Oleg Muravskiy

It has been almost 3 years since we promoted RIS Live to a full production service. Its biggest advantage is that it delivers RIS data in real time, with minimal delays from the RIS collectors to our users. We had received a lot of positive feedback about the service, however, we were still wonderi…

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