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A Carbon-Aware Internet with the Green Web Foundation

Using real-time data about electricity around the world, we annotated network connections with carbon-intensity. With this information, any digital infrastructure provider can move their compute workloads to greener regions.

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Unlocking the Power of Internet Alarms Correlation and Aggregated Reports

Mohamed Awnallah

In this article, Mohamed presents his Google Summer of Code project that correlates and aggregates alarm data to detect real-world Internet outages. His project integrates data from IHR, GRIP, and IODA, visualising BGP hijacking, delays, and outages for improved real-time monitoring.

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Route Origin Authorisation: Enhancing Network Security and Unveiling Critical Insights

Vincentas Grinius

RPKI and its key component ROA have become power tools for secure and efficient network infrastructure. In this blog post, we delve into IPXO's journey with ROA, explore its features and interactions with RIRs, demonstrate its tangible benefits, and analyse its global adoption and impact on network…

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Mapping the Geopolitical Internet

Alun Davies

Mapping the dialectical relationship between the Internet and rivalries of power and influence across territories calls on expertise from a variety of disciplines. On the RIPE Labs Podcast, Louis Pétiniaud discusses how he and colleagues at GEODE are investigating the geopolitical Internet.

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RIS Beaconing - Shining a Light on BGP Dynamics

Emile Aben

RIS is a widely used public route collector project that provides a better view of Internet routing. One thing that makes RIS unique is that it inserts observable patterns of activity into BGP through a process called beaconing. We take a look at RIS beacons and ask how to make space for more.

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Connected to Port 53 - A Report from the DNS Hackathon 2023

Vesna Manojlovic

DNS Hackathon took place during the weekend before RIPE 86 in Rotterdam. Co-hosted by DNS-OARC, Netnod and the RIPE NCC, it included 46 "hackers" who worked on 6 projects, had a lot of fun and many stroopwafels. Read about the results, and join us next time!

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BGP Path Attribute Filtering - A Powerful Tool to Mitigate Alien Attributes

Berislav Todorovic

On 2 June 2023, there was a disruption in the global Internet routing, caused by the inability of BGP border routers to process an "alien" BGP Attribute. A nice RIPE Labs article about this event was published back then. Well, the alien turned out to be a "legal alien" - a known attribute, introduc…

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Quantifying Quality - A Community Engagement Quarterly Report

Hisham Ibrahim

Efforts to gather feedback and assess satisfaction contribute to creating a strong and inclusive community. By actively seeking input, understanding community needs, and optimising workflows, the RIPE NCC ensures that its offerings are relevant, valuable, and aligned with expectations.

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RIPE NCC Internet Country Report: Central Europe

Suzanne Taylor

We take a comprehensive look at four countries in Central Europe as the next in our series of RIPE NCC Internet Country Reports.

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Unknown Attribute 28 - A Source Of Entropy in Interdomain Routing?

Emile Aben

On 2 June 2023, there was a disruption in Internet interdomain routing. We got notified of recurring resets of some routers that take care of routing between networks, due to malformed BGP packets with BGP attribute 28. Here we take a first look at the event through RIS and offer some initial ideas…

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