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Micro BGP Suite: The Swiss Army Knife of Routing Analysis

Lorenzo Cogotti

BGP Scanner from the Isolario project helped researchers analyse routing data, but it had its limitations. Overcoming these has led to the development of the Micro BGP Suite. It provides a variety of tools that, while each simple and efficient in their own operations, are capable of achieving compl…

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Best Practices for Connecting to NTP Servers

Using the Network Time Protocol (NTP) is a simple and effective way to set your local time. But how can you ensure that the time you are getting is correct, what can you do to improve time accuracy, and how do you decide which NTP servers are best for you?

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Latency Into Your Network - As Seen From RIPE Atlas

Emile Aben

We created a data aggregate we call 'minRTT' that gives the minimum latency into each ASN (and IXP!) from RIPE Atlas for a given day. This allows us to visualise network deployments and can help with insights into structural latency problems for a network. We build a few visualisations on top of th…

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Hunting Routing Resources with IRRHound

Francesco Ferreri

Choosing the right IRR source list for each IXP participant is becoming a challenging task. But help is at hand! IRRHound assists in tracking routing resources across multiple IRR sources.

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Help Build a Bigger, Better RIPE Atlas

When it comes to RIPE Atlas, bigger is better. Each new probe adds another vantage point, bringing the measurement platform closer to its goal of providing an unprecedented view of the state of the Internet. But expansion into new geographical locations and networks wouldn't be possible without the…

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Facebook Down and Out in BGPlay

Alun Davies

Following the Facebook outage that took place on 4 October, we saw people looking to BGPlay to get a better view of what went on. Here's a look at what the RIPEstat visualisation has to show us about the event in question.

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Managing DNS Over IPv6 Only

Outgrowing your IPv4 allocation is one of many very good reasons to get on with deploying IPv6. Here's a use case on the latest steps the RIPE NCC has been taking in the piecemeal process of deploying IPv6 across its services.

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IPv6 Support on the PlayStation 5

Tore Anderson

With the arrival of the next generation of gaming consoles, has progress been made toward better IPv6 capability?

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Exploring RIPE Atlas Traceroutes from 2012 to 2019

Nevil Brownlee

This analysis of RIPE Atlas traceroutes for days in 2012, 2015, 2017 and 2019 displays full network graphs for each successive half-hour and develops an algorithm for finding node or edge outages of an hour or more.

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Docker IPv6 Networking, Routing, and NDP Proxying

Cameron Steel

Networking in Docker comes with challenges, but IPv6’s abundance of addresses holds some solutions.

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