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Andrej Petrovski

Location: Belgrade, Serbia

Andrej Petrovski is a Cyber Forensic Specialist at Share Foundation, based in Serbia, with a background of education in Software Engineering and Master Studies in Electronic Crimes and Digital Forensics. He has conducted extensive research in the field of application of modern technologies in the traditional democratic processes, as well as the influence of new media in the uprisings in undeveloped countries. In recent times he researches the Internet and tries to develop methodologies for Internet Cartography.

Pages created by Andrej Petrovski

Internet Atlas - Tools for Digital Literacy
Internet Atlas - Tools for Digital Literacy
Andrej Petrovski — 03 Oct 2018

Based on existing studies and research about the digital environment in Serbia, its legal and technical features, usage and habits among Internet users, the SHARE Foundation aims to produce tools and materials designed to inform, educate and encourage project target groups understand Internet infrastructures and their influence on digital rights.… Read more

Mapping the Internet Infrastructure in Serbia
Mapping the Internet Infrastructure in Serbia
Andrej Petrovski — 22 Sep 2015

Through empirical research, SHARE Foundation created a map of the Internet in Serbia and analysed the implications network structure could have on Internet filtering. By visualising and analysing the structure and topology of individual Internet Service Providers in Serbia, we tried to determine how easy it would be to install filtering devices on these networks. This data was used to inform the government on the proposal of a new law. In addition, the output of this research can be used for different qualitative measurements of the network, such as bandwidth, IPv6 penetration and Internet throttling.… Read more

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