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Annie Edmundson

Location: Princeton, USA — Main Language: en

Annie is a 4th year PhD student at Princeton University in the Computer Science department, and broadly studies security, privacy, and technology policy. She is a fellow at the Center for Information Technology Policy (CITP) and a member of the Security and Privacy Research Group at Princeton.

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Routing Detours: Can We Avoid Nation-State Surveillance?
Routing Detours: Can We Avoid Nation-State Surveillance?
Annie Edmundson — 09 Nov 2016

An increasing number of countries are passing laws that facilitate the mass surveillance of their citizens. In response, governments and citizens are increasingly paying attention to the countries that their Internet traffic traverses. In some cases, countries are taking extreme steps, such as building new IXPs and encouraging local interconnection to keep local traffic local. We find that although many of these efforts are extensive, they are often futile, due to the inherent lack of hosting and route diversity for many popular sites. We investigate how the use of overlay network relays and the DNS open resolver infrastructure can prevent traffic from traversing certain jurisdictions.… Read more

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