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Baptiste Jonglez

Location: France

Baptiste is currently a PhD student at Grenoble Alps University, where he works on improving transport protocols from the end-user perspective. He is also active in a local community network (member of the Fédération FDN) that builds and operates network infrastructure as a common. His interests encompass the design of network protocols and their performance evaluation, as well as the technical and socio-economic aspects of building communication networks.

Pages created by Baptiste Jonglez

Persistent DNS Connections for Reliability and Performance
Persistent DNS Connections for Reliability and Performance
Baptiste Jonglez — 20 Sep 2018

For decades, the Domain Name System (DNS) has relied on UDP as its transport protocol of choice, mostly because of its simplicity. New transports such as DNS-over-TLS and DNS-over-HTTPS are now gaining popularity: they offer increased privacy while preventing the use of the DNS as a DDoS attack vector. What may be less obvious is that they can also provide increased performance compared to UDP.… Read more

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