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Daniel Quinn

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

I'm a Canadian software engineer who's been living in the Netherlands since 2011. I primarily operate in the web space, writing Python (Django) these days, but I've been doing this since 1999 so I've worked with a number of languages and environments. Presently, I work for the RIPE NCC, entirely on the RIPE Atlas project, primarily in the areas of the UI and REST API, though I'm also responsible for the Sagan result parser.

Pages created by Daniel Quinn

Enabling Data Compression in RIPE Atlas
Enabling Data Compression in RIPE Atlas
Daniel Quinn — 17 Jun 2015

We’d like to enable gzip compression on all of RIPE Atlas' measurement API calls — but thanks to the BREACH vulnerability, doing so could mean that some enterprising individual with an obscene amount of time on their hands might be able read the contents of the responses. This means measurement results as well as metadata for measurements — including the small number of measurements not marked as “public”. We believe the drawbacks are negligible, but we’re looking for community support.… Read more

Tags: atlas security
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