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World IPv6 Launch - Lasting Effect on Content

Emile Aben — 23 Jul 2012
Now that World IPv6 Launch is weeks behind us it's interesting to look at what long-lasting effects it had.

The most obvious one is the effect on web content. Dan Wing measures the ability to connect to those websites that are in the top 25,000, and the top one million, as compiled by Alexa . I used this data to compare World IPv6 Day (June 2011) and World IPv6 Launch (June 2012). The data consists of the top 25k sites measured daily, and the top 1M sites measured twice a month. The percentage of websites reachable over IPv6 is plotted in Figure 1.

World IPv6 events and alexa 1M

Figure 1: Percentage of Alexa 1M web sites that can be reached over IPv6.

Although the difference in Figure 1 between June 2011 and June 2012 is as expected, it's still striking: while in 2011 most website operators only temporarily enabled IPv6 reachability to their websites, in 2012 it wasn't temporary anymore, and the percentage of IPv6 enabled web sites went to roughly 4%. Because the full 1M list (red line) is only measured twice a month, in Figure 1, the jump in IPv6 enabled websites is only visible around 15 June.

The most encouraging sign from Figure 1 is that the percentage of IPv6 enabled web sites is still increasing, even right after World IPv6 Launch. It seems that this event has not 'saturated' the enabling of IPv6 on websites. Any bets on when this metric will be at 10%?


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