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Ivana Tomic

Location: London

Dr Ivana Tomic is currently working as a Research Associate in the AESE group at Imperial College London. She received her PhD in Control Theory from City, University of London in October 2016 where she worked on the implementation of distributed control algorithms in multi-agent networks. Her research interests include security of cyber-physical systems and IoT, distributed aperiodic control communications protocols and their impact on security, and optimal control. She is currently researching security vulnerabilities for aperiodic control protocols with wide-area communications as a part of S4 project (EPSRC Programme Grant) and Fog to FIELD project funded by CISCO/Silicon Valley Community Foundation. Prior to this she was a main researcher on PETRAS project IoT in the Park funded by EPSRC where she looked into security of wireless sensor networks and IoT architectures.

Pages created by Ivana Tomic

IoT Turning Evil
IoT Turning Evil
Ivana Tomic — 06 Sep 2017

Internet of Things (IoT) emerged as a complex cyber-physical system that allows smart devices to sense the environment and modify it accordingly to enhance the way we work and live. The existence of such a large network of interconnected entities poses major security and privacy issues that prevent its wide adoption. This article discusses how to establish operating system level support for a wireless sensor network that requires run-time security in a way that doesn't impair the performance and behaviour of the network.… Read more

Tags: iot security
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